The first pieces of Manaus’ jewel have already left Portugal

After the conclusion of its two first stadiums for Brazil World Cup, Martifer is currently working on the construction of its first stadium for the Cup.

It is the Arena Amazônia, in Manaus, one of the most complex stadiums of the event regarding structural steelwork, which implies the execution of more than 6,500 tonnes of steel structure in the façade and roof.

"The steel structure is actually a jewel which Martifer is polishing. It is the most important and what will bring the beauty to the Arena Amazônia”, Jerocilio Simões, from the Amazonas Government.

André Pestana, Arena da Amazônia’s site manager, from Martifer, explained that the stadium is composed by pieces than "can reach 30 metres of length and 25 tonnes, however, these pieces must be assembled with a 5 to 10 millimetres tolerance, which requires an extreme precision”.

The two stadiums already built by the company in Brasil, as well as the company’s experience in the construction of this kind of infrastructures in Europe in the last years were decisive in the award of this project.

"The engineering area and the experience in other stadiums, as well as the logistics, since Martifer is already in Brazil, have facilitated the decision”, said Mauricio Biasin, of the Andrade Gutierrez Group.

All the pieces are being manufactured in Portugal, and then transported by ship to Manaus from the Port of Aveiro, in a 20 day trip. The first of three shipments was already made, carrying around 25% of the total of the pieces which compose stadium’s the façade and roof.

With a capacity of 44 thousand seats, Arena Amazônia is expected to be concluded in December 2013, in order to host the 2014 World Cup.