Martifer Solar signs a strategic agreement with Sunflower for the construction of up to 13 MW in the Piedmont Region

Martifer Solar, a subsidiary of Martifer SGPS, signed a binding agreement with the company Sunflower for the EPC and O&M of PV plants totalling up to 13 MW.

This agreement was signed by the time Martifer Solar has completed two plants of about 2.1 MW each in the Province of Alessandria as EPC contractor, for the same client.

These plants are part of a larger portfolio of photovoltaic projects under development by Sunflower since 2010, and are expected to be fully authorized by February 2011.

Besides the construction of the PV plants, Martifer Solar will also have an important role in their Operation and Maintenance, through a specialised team which will monitor and assure the preventive and corrective maintenance of all plants developed for Sunflower, since 2010.

"We are very glad with this sign of trust by Sunflower shown through the frame agreement after the construction of Alessandria plants”, stated Pedro Pereira, Managing Director of Martifer Solar Italy.

The two plants of around 2.1 MW that Martifer Solar has built for Sunflower in Alessandria were concluded in record time within the end of 2010 and are currently waiting for connection to the grid.

Pedro Pereira adds "in order to finish these [Alessandria] plants within 2010, we had to give our best in terms of flexibility and speed, without compromising the quality standards that our clients are already used to. The second plant was a very good example of this: built in approximately two months, it reached a peak of 60 people, often working under extreme weather conditions.”

Martifer Solar has already built more than 31 MW of photovoltaic plants in Italy so far and expects to more than duplicate its installed capacity by the end of 2011.


Download: Press Release (178KB)