Martifer Solar signs a contract with Solarfun to supply 30 MW of solar modules

Martifer Solar has signed an agreement with the Chinese company Solarfun to supply 30 MW of solar photovoltaic polycrystalline modules. The agreement, to develop between January and December 2009, joined the stock of the company, assured supply for the works undertaken during the year in much of Europe.

According to the contract Solarfun will supply 30 MW of photovoltaic modules to Martifer Solar with a price closed throughout 2009, beginning in January and ending in December. These modules will be implemented in projects that Martifer Solar developed in Portugal, France, Spain, Italy, Greece and those markets where the company has an interest.

Henrique Rodrigues, CEO of Martifer Solar, said at the end of the signing of the agreement that "Martifer Solar is very motivated to work with Solarfun and install its modules in several major projects throughout Europe. The reputation of Solarfun in the market and the quality of their products, coupled with our good work he has become one of the industry leaders, will make this agreement can only lead us to success ".

For Solarfun, its CEO, Harold Hoskens said, "this agreement is one of our largest new contracts to date. We are delighted to be working with Martifer Solar and are excited to begin a long-term relationship with them. This project is particularly important as it will further enhance our presence in regions outside of the mainstream developed solar markets in Europe. We plan to continue to geographically diversify our business to these and other regions in the coming years”.

Martifer Solar following its security policy towards the customer guarantees with this contract a slack stock sufficient to develop all their works without fear of the possible shortage of photovoltaic panels on the market.


Download: Press Release (312KB)