Martifer Solar shows its potential in Greece

Dr. Jorge Martins, Vice-CEO of Martifer, was in Greece last week presenting the Group and introducing Martifer Solar to a large number of Greek politicians and investors. Martifer Solar presented its entry in the solar photovoltaic business in Greece to more than 130 people. Among the attendants of the event, celebrated in Athens, were a significant number of investors and politicians linked to the Greek renewable energy sector. The participation of Martifer Group in the Greek market was made possible thanks to the acquisition of 60% of the capital of the Hellenic company PVI. PVI is a Hellenic company dedicated to the solar photovoltaic business with a broad background and experience in the sector. With the conclusion of Martifer Solar’s Offices in Greece, a straight relationship with Greek Market will be possible, where Martifer is searching for investments and deals.

Dr. Jorge Martins welcomed PVI to Martifer Group. The agreement between PVI and Martifer means that the company can penetrate a market with great potential in the photovoltaic sector as is the Greek market. In his presentation Martins said "we believe in this country and believe in PVI, and by combining the expertise of both companies we will grow in Greece under the guidelines of Martifer." He added that the Greek market has a special strategic significance for the entire group.

Jorge Martins, talked about the internationalization of Martifer Solar, "our entry in Greece means our great growth potential throughout the world; we are always looking for profitable, efficient and sustainable markets."

Martifer Solar is already doing business in 7 countries, Portugal, Spain, Italy, Belgium, USA, Angola and Greece, and is currently negotiating the entrance in new European markets.

Martifer Solar-PVI aims to be a leader in the Greek photovoltaic market, which, according to recent perspectives, will be worth 700 MW by the year 2020. In this partnership, Martifer benefits from the experience gained from more established markets, such as the Spanish, and its economic and human capital, while PVI provides the knowledge of the Greek market. The Hellenic country is destined to become a major player in the renewable energy sector in the Southeast Europe.

The Ambassador of Portugal in Greece, Alfredo Duarte Costa, also attended the presentation . He positively valued the investment of Martifer in human and economic capital in this country and expressed his will for the participation of the Group in the economic life of Athens promoted by the Embassy. Members of the Portuguese Millennium Bank were also present at the meeting.


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