Martifer Solar lauches new advertising campaign

Martifer Solar is launching a new advertising campaign, which is already being aired to the main media of the photovoltaic sector.

Following a marketing strategy that aims to humanize the company’s communication, this campaign promises to set a differentiation in the photovoltaic scene, promoting an emotional character, through a value proposition which highlights the technical benefit and the promotion of a sustainable future.

"The emotional character is a key factor in Martifer Solar’s main markets. They are the same markets where we intend to intensify our advertising presence, as a result of the current commercial perspectives”, says Carlos Reis, Marketing and Communication Director at Martifer Solar.

"Martifer Solar stands out in the market due to the partnership and trustworthy relationships that we establish with our customers and due to our expertise from over twenty countries, over four continents. This has set us the challenge to communicate new strategic insights, adjusted to our positioning in the markets in which we are active”, concludes.

Along with the launch of the new advertising campaign, the company has renovated its institutional website: it is now presented with a new layout and a more interactive and user-friendly format, with new dedicated contents, such as clients testimonials or an application that allows to locate Martifer Solar’s projects on Google Earth.

This new platform intends to be a key pillar in Martifer Solar’s communication towards its target audience, setting the company’s image in the frontline of the international photovoltaic scene.