Martifer Solar gets 300,000 sqm of roofs for pv installations

Martifer Solar has developed a business challenge that has led him to attract 300,000 m2 of roof to deploy photovoltaic installations. The company began its strategy ahead to the New Royal Decree that encourages this type of installation, when the new regulation came Martifer Solar already had over 150,000 m2, a successful advance of the competition.

Royal Decree 1578/2008 establishes a fee of 32 cents per kWh for installations on land and on roof, but the roof was one of the most neglected segments of the Spanish solar industry because of the great benefits accruing on the installations on land. Now the industry looks toward the roof and Martifer Solar is already there.

The 300,000 m2 were obtained exclusively on industrial and farm roofing, and are concentrated in the center of Spain, divided between the Autonomous Communities of Castilla y Leon, Madrid and Castilla-La Mancha. The works for the implementation of the pv installations on roof will be undertaking in the coming years without a specified time of completion. Martifer Solar will not be in charge of the energetic exploitation.

Alberto Rabanal, a Martifer Solar Board Member, explains "from Martifer Solar we believe that the Solar PV market is undergoing its first test as an established industry worldwide. The legislative changes have led to profound changes in the way of understanding this strategic sector, which also creates new opportunities that involve exploring new market niches that ultimately shape a segment such as the roofs in Spain, Martifer Solar launched its policy of attracting this type of surface in order to adapt to this new challenge and we're having very positive results. "

Martifer Solar is developing solar photovoltaic installations on roof in other countries, besides Spain, as Belgium, Greece, Czech Republic, etc, and in Portugal the company has an interesting market for microgeneration.


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