Martifer Solar completes its first SmartPark installation in the USA

Martifer Solar has completed its first SmartPark installation in the USA, a PV system with the double purpose of producing electricity and covering the car parking of the Bus Company AVTA.

This project is very important for Martifer Solar, as it represents the first step with this innovative solution in a market with an enormous growth potential, as it is the USA.

This installation has a total power of 368kWp: 300kW installed with the SmartPark system, and the rest applied in a small roof-mounted system. Located in Lancaster, California, the installation covers an area of over 3.000 sqm and avoids the emission of around 400 tons of CO2/year.

Martifer Solar’s SmartPark is easily installed, with few construction works, becoming a very useful solution for external parking areas.

Martifer Solar’s R&D Department, after a great effort in the development and optimization of SmartPark, reached a solution that allows a perfect adaptation to the field and climate conditions, without compromising its aesthetics aspects.


The product consists in a fixed structure which replaces the covering of external parking. This structure, that requires a small amount of construction works, is designed to be covered with solar PV panels. The cables are conducted in the structure interior and connected to the necessary inverters to transform a sunny space, usually unused, in a source of PV Energy generation.

The maintenance of the system is low, and its main function is to protect the vehicles of unfavourable climate conditions. Each project is adjustable to the dimensions and shape of the installation area.


Download: Press Release (385KB)