Martifer Renewables reaches 100 MW of installed capacity

Martifer Renewables, the Martifer Group’s electricity generation company, now has a portfolio of 104.6 MW of installed capacity. In 2008, the company strengthened its presence in Portugal; entered the Brazilian market, where it has two wind farms in service; it completed solar projects in Spain, and will soon unveil the first wind farm in Poland.

Martifer Renewables’s portfolio includes 96.7 MW of installed capacity in wind farms under operation in Germany, Brazil, Poland and Portugal. Although the company is focused on wind energy due to its technological maturity and low generation costs, the solar energy projects also contribute to this portfolio. In Spain, the company owns 7.6 MW of installed capacity in photovoltaic solar projects.

In Germany, Martifer Renewables owns two wind farms with 53.4 MW of installed capacity which invoiced EUR 9.1M in 2008.

In Poland, the first 10 MW have been operational since the start of June.

In Brazil, at the end of 2008, Martifer Renewables unveiled two wind farms totalling 14.7 MW in the north of the country, one of the best places in the world for wind resources, through its 55% stake in Ventania.

In Portugal, Martifer Renewables has been progressively entering into service the 18.9 MW licensed to two wind farms – Vila Franca de Xira and Baião – which are 50%-owned by Martifer Renewables. The full 18.9 MW is expected to enter into service in the first half of June. These two farms operate under the previous tariff outlined in DL 33-A/2005”. Also in Portugal, the first park of six in the Ventinveste project is scheduled to start construction in the last quarter of the year, managed jointly by Galp and Enersis and resulting from the allocation of 400 MW in the wind tender’s Phase B, as it is known.

Martifer Renewables is currently present in 13 countries – Portugal, Germany, Spain, Poland, Romania, Slovakia, Ukraine, the USA, Brazil, Bulgaria, Australia, Greece and Italy – and is involved in a portfolio of projects in service or in development totalling about 4 GW.


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