Martifer Renewables completes Rymanów wind farm for the Ikea Group

Martifer Renewables and the Ikea Group have today officially opened a 26-MW wind farm in Rymanów, in the Podkarpackie province, south-east Poland. The opening ceremony was attended by the Mayor of Rymanów, Wojciech Farbaniec, IKEA Retail Manager for Poland, Evelyn Higler, and Jorge Martins, Vice President of the Martifer Group.

The wind farm will avoid the emission of over 66,000 tons of CO2 which is the equivalent of the domestic power consumption of around 30,000 households. It was developed, built and operated for the Ikea Group, and has the capacity to generate an output of around 61 GWh/year.

"The opening of the third wind farm in Poland is an important step forward in our efforts to become energy independent – producing more renewable energy than we consume. We will continue to invest in renewable energy and in other solutions enabling sustainability, both in our operations and in customer’s homes”, said Steve Howard, Chief Sustainability Officer at the Ikea Group.

Rymanów wind farm consists of 13 wind turbines with 2 MW each. The wind farm is located to the North of Rymanów Town and divided into two parts: the Western part, stretching from Wroblik Krolewski to Klimkówka (turbine 4-14), and the Eastern part, on the hilly area between Ladzin and Zmyslowk (turbine 1-3).

"Rymanow wind farm is the third wind farm that Martifer Renewables Poland built in Podkarpacie region and we are proud to be part of the modernization of the Polish energy industry”, said Jorge Martins, CEO of Martifer Renewables. "We are also very happy to have the confidence of such a big corporation, like Ikea, and we believe that in the future we can increase and improve the cooperation between the two Groups”, added Mr. Martins.

The sale of the wind farm to the Ikea Group was agreed on October 2011, when it sold three of its wind farms projects in Poland: Leki Dukielskie (10MW), Bukowsko (18MW) and Rymanow (26MW). The sale of these assets is in accordance with the asset rotation policy implemented by the management of Martifer Renewables, the RE developer area of Martifer Group.