Martifer Aluminum and Martifer Solar implement the BIPV of a new Culture Hall

Martifer in its divisions Aluminum and Solar have implemented the photovoltaic architectural integration of the Casa de Cultura Carlos Muñoz Ruiz, in Alcobendas, Madrid. This is a fully integrated pv facility in facades and skylights with a nominal power of 19 kW connected to the grid. But most of its final power, this building is remarkable for its great artistic sense and its pv energy integration, which make it a landmark building of sustainable architecture.

The photovoltaic modules implemented at the Casa de Cultura Carlos Muñoz Ruiz, are multifunctional and they consists of a glass-glass photovoltaic laminates with an opacity of 45%, and a transparency of 55%, distributed in cells. So the glass, in addition to its normal functions of isolate the building and let the light pass through, will also produce photovoltaic solar energy, environmentally friendly, at the South façade and with the three skylights located at the roof top.

The technique used to integrate the photovoltaic glass modules is the same as that used for the façade, the cables are perfectly guided using the aluminum frames so the integration is complete, we should not forget that in the BIPV the aesthetic sense is very important.

Alcobendas is one of the Spanish cities more committed to the Environment, as its Mayor, Ignacio Garcia de Vinuesa, says "photovoltaic panels are modern and contemporary design.

They have significant advantages and one of our goals is for neighbors to know them, know their characteristics and encourage them to install pv energy in their homes.

From the Town Hall we are working to extend this type of energy. In Alcobendas there are many buildings that use solar energy to get part of the electrical energy thy use to operate. And we will still working on it”.

Martifer Solar has take advantages of the synergies within other companies in the Martifer Group , as this agreement with Martifer Aluminios to become the leader in photovoltaic integration, as its CEO, Henrique Rodrigues says "after the success with the Torre de Cristal in Madrid, which is the world’s highest BIPV, now we undertake this work in Alcobendas with the assurance that it will be a flagship project for both the city and the company, and I also personally believe that we have a great competitive advantage: the union of two of our divisions, Solar and Aluminum to provide even more safety and good work to our customer. "

Martifer Solar implementations on rooftop are developing now in the Czech Republic and Belgium, and other major projects are under construction in Italy, France and Spain. The company is also starting to market their own PV modules produced at its factory in Oliveira de Frades, Portugal. Martifer Aluminios is undertaking major projects in the entire Iberian Peninsula and much of Europe.


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